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Hmmm, priorities, priorities
Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I'm as in favor of helping minorities as the next person -- after all, I program in Common Lisp -- but I also think that some minorities are more equal than others. For example, I rather fund basic science, fuel cells, ecological research, and (why not) computer science than the ridiculous boondoggle of a missile defense shield that doesn't even work well:

The first test in almost two years of the planned multi-billion dollar US anti-missile shield has failed.

The Pentagon said an interceptor missile did not take off and was automatically shut down on its launch pad in the central Pacific.

A target missile carrying a mock warhead had been fired 16 minutes earlier from Kodiak Island in Alaska.

This test had been delayed four days because of "bad weather at launch sites and, on Sunday, because a radio transmitter failed." I just hope our putative ballistic enemies are willing to wait until it's sunny out! Seems to me that $10-Billion could a year do a lot to leave no child behind, or help feed the poor or, what the heck, rebuild Iraq.


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