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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Monday, February 27, 2006

Though it's not great literature, J. K. Rowling has produced another enjoyable page turner in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. That said, the book doesn't do much to resolve anything in Harry's odd world. The bad folk are up to increasing amounts of no good, the ones in charge are increasingly inept and Harry and his friends are increasingly beset by the tumultuous tides of youthful hormones. It's all fun stuff and if you like Harry Potter you'll like this too. (I know I sound as if I'm damning with faint praise; I suppose that's because I've always thought the Harry Potter books to be overly hyped. They are good fun, but they are not great. As Kafka said "Do we need books that make us happy? No! We need books like ice picks to break the frozen seas within us." Of course, Kafka was a bit batty so maybe we should just ignore him and go back to our Tivos and iPods.).


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