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Friday, August 5, 2005

If you'll willing to let Google save your searches by signing up, they have an alert service that will do a search for you daily and send you an e-mail when there is something new (there is also this similar service). I put in "Lisp help" for fun and have so far found the following:

  • From OSCon: Damian twisted minds and code in 5 dead languages (Lisp, PostScript, C++, SPECS, and Latin), which somehow involved dozens of scary pictures of Russian Lara Croft imitators.
  • From the Wichita Eagle, a review of Play it Again Sam: Allan's married friends, Linda and Dick Christie, step in to help him re-enter the dating scene ... Tough guy Paul Ramondetta ably plays Bogey. He skillfully assumes his look and his characteristic slight lisp.

One for two isn't bad! <smile>


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