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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Perhaps this book received too much positive press for me to find it too tremendously compelling. It's a good book; it's an interesting book; it's a fun book. Contre Malcolm Gladwell, however, I was not "dazzled." Besides, I think the title is too damn cutesy.

Freakonomics is well written, eclectic and vibrant. The two Steve's are made up of one economist (Levitt) and one writer (Dubner). It's a good combination. Levitt is a wunderkind who has applied economical thinking (that's the style of thinking found in economics, not thinking that makes good use of its resources...) to all sort of non-economical problems. This lets him provide unexpected answers from here, there and everywhere. How do school teachers cheat? What caused crime to drop in the 1990s? How are McDonald's and crack gangs the same? How important is parenting style to school grades? (the more important question of how important parenting styles to life outcomes or school grades to the kind of person you become are not, unfortunatly answered...).

The results may not be dazzling, but they are worth reading.


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