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File system magic
Friday, December 2, 2005

If I open a file in Apple's preview application, go and change the files name and then go back to Preview, the application manages to figure out the new file name and display it. Even better, if I open the file and then move it and change the name, Preview still updates correctly. If I rm the file (not just move it to Trash), Preview keeps the name as it was but it is "smart" enough to not add the file to the list of recently open items. The change only happens when Preview activates so it's either not using some sort of kevents queue or it is and is just waiting until it thinks it should actually do the work. Getting the fileschanged utility to run under OS X seems to be beyond my poor Unix porting skills). Does anyone know how Preview does this or how to get fileschanged working? If so, please let me know...

Update (3 Dec 2005)

Based on several e-mails and another search of the olde web, I realize that my initial kqueue/kevent thoughts are probably correct. The last time I searched for this stuff, I found the fileschanged project (and couldn't get it to work under OS X) but I didn't find these Apple pages (here and here). Now I have another itch to scratch! This search for knowledge and understanding is fun and exasperating.


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