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Feedback: good and bad
Friday, August 18, 2006

It's ironic I received both high praise and an indictment for my Lisp software on the same day! Both, however, were deserved. Well, I know I deserve the indictment and I'm pretty sure that the praise is justified too. First, I heard that CL-Markdown's new extensions mechanism

I was able to complete a project today, just in time, and leave for seven days of vacation tomorrow. This wouldn't have been possible in that form without markdown extensions...

That cheered me up. Later in the day, however, I heard that:

... most of the web pages for your various lisp packages need to be updated. You don't list nearly all of the required dependencies. ... I'm so annoyed from having to go through the discovery process that I'll let you discover which pages are inadequate.

Which is quite true. I suppose it would be sort of OK if I didn't list any dependencies but only listing some of them really opens the door for frustration. Besides, it's easy to pull all of this stuff and include it in the web pages automatically.

Things to do:

  • Switch from lml2 to CL-Markdown for my web site
  • Add CL-Markdown extensions to include the dependencies automatically
  • Improve the Enterprise Lisp system pages so that they list this stuff automatically too
  • Keep on keeping on.

Thanks for both the kind words and the less kind ones. I want Lisp to succeed and that's only going to happen if the barriers to entry become ever lower.


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