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Expression engine...
Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I heard about ExpressionEngine via one of ITC podcasts of BlogHer 2005. Today, I took a look. My only comment so far is that they made it harder than necessary to download and evaluate their product. I don't mind having to register (much) and I understand that they (the nameless "they") have an interest in knowing who is interested but ... why make me:

  • navigate to the download link only to be told I have to register
  • get me to register so that I get an e-mail which I can use to activate my account (I have an account! I just wanted to download something; why do I need an account?!)
  • return to the site, navigate back to the download link and be told that I must first login in order to download
  • login and be returned to the main page so that I
  • have to navigate back to the download page again.

That's too much. Now I have a bad taste about the site and their product and it just wasn't necessary. Place the download links in the e-mail; log me in when I activate my account, whatever but please, don't waste my time.


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