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Epidemeology and Data Mining
Tuesday, November 9, 2004

From American Scientist:

Specter of Avian Flu's Spread Turns CDC Scientists Into Detectives

And so their sleuth work extends from monitoring e-mail and Web sites for pertinent postings that could portend the first wave of a coming pandemic to trying to get invited over to Asia so that they can interview those closest to the avian flu's victims. That kind of access lets Fukuda and Uyeki track the last interactions of people before they succumb to infection, without having to tangle with need-to-know disclosure rules that often vary radically from nation to nation.

I heard a talk not very long ago (but long enough that I can't remember the name of the person who gave it... sigh) by a medical doctor who described the sorts of things that can be done with done (barring potential privacy concerns) if it was collected and the challenges in collecting it and analyzing it. Good stuff.


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