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Monday, April 24, 2006

Roberta, the dual G4 that runs had a minor conniption earlier today and, in a testament to the credo of Computer Scientists everywhere, I decided that the easiest way to move forward was to delete a bunch of stuff and re-install. The stuff included lots of Common Lisp libraries and ASDF-Install made it pretty easy to get everything going again... Except that it should have been much easier.

Like most lispers, I've wanted Lisp to become more popular and have been frustrated as other languages have gotten the buzz. I've also wanted to see Lisp improve (sound familiar). Libraries help. Tools like ASDF-Install or Peter Seibel's Lisp in a box help. Open Source efforts like SBCL or OpenMCL help. Maybe we need a new language (though we've tried that too).

Certainly Lisp (and Common Lisp) are seeing a resurgence in activity and love. How do we turn that into community and turn that into productivity? I don't know (and I often doubt that I have time to figure it out!) but I'm sure openness, participation, authenticity and trust are key. Today, I purchased the domain (think big <smile>). My plan is to start taking small steps towards building and creating a platform for Common Lisp community -- now I'm in deep: I've said it and said it publicly.

First, what this isn't: it isn't the CLiki and it isn't ALU and it isn't the CL Directory and it isn't Those are all useful and important and shouldn't go away. I'm hoping to model on something like SpikeSource: a site where libraries will get tested and integrated and supported. I have a bunch of vague noodling written on the back of napkins for how I think it will get put together. Soon (probably in the geological sense), I'll start to add details. Feedback and ideas are welcome.


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