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DOM Scripting
Friday, March 24, 2006

Jeremy Keith's book on DOM Scripting (whose title eludes me...) is a great read for people who want to better understand how to put the three legged stool of content (HTML), style (CSS) and action (Javascript) to good use in the modern web. It has good examples, not too much fluff and a clear writing style that makes it easy to get through. My only two complaints are the overabundance of screen shots that don't add much of anything to the text and the tendency to repeat bits of code snippets and advice. I have a feeling that both of these are considered de rigeur in the modern age of instant learning (I've often wondered if a series themed X for smart people would sell or not?).

I hadn't done any real stuff since about 8-years ago (ouch, I am getting old) so this was a wonderful reintroduction to the possibilities. I recommend it.


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