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Dojo guiding principles
Monday, January 2, 2006

I found these while reading about the JavaScript environment Dojo. They seem like damn good ideas to me. The first two are easy for me, the third much harder...

Reduce barriers to adoption.

Simply put, do not give users reasons not to choose your code. This affects everything from design to licensing to packaging.

Simple first, fast later

Make it simple to use first, make it fast when it's appropriate. Simple here means simple for users, not for us. ...

Bend to the constraints of your environment

Do not bludgeon a problem to death with code. If the environment can do most of something, let it. Fill in as necessary, but do not re-invent. Make the path smooth for users, but do not introduce your own idioms where they aren't required.

I think that the third is harder because of the usual "not invented here" syndrome that seems to effect many Lispers.


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