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Did you hear about the altered Mousepox virus
Wednesday, December 22, 2004

This is from 2001 (see here and here and here) but I only found out about it from reading the introduction to Michael Crichton's Prey. The incident (and this even more recent one involving TB) show how correct David Suziki is when he says:

I am shocked at how little my colleagues in genetics pay attention to history. They actually forget how ignorant we are - that although we have achieved incredible manipulative powers, we know next to nothing about the real world in which those manipulations will reverberate.

Among other things, I'm a programmer. I'm constantly shocked - but no longer surprised - at how often I fail to see the obvious consequences of my design decisions. Thus my concern about GM food. I'm not too worried about what the biologists are trying to do (though they is much room for concern about social and moral implications); I'm concerned about things happening that no one intended. As a species, we're just not that smart.


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