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CL-Markdown comparisons
Sunday, May 7, 2006

I've put up some web pages comparing the output between CL-Markdown and Markdown. The results aren't beautiful but most of the differences are at the level of glitches in my regular expressions so I'm pretty happy. As I mentioned before, I'm still not sure if my implementation strategy was a good one or not (and it's hard to be sure because most of my work occurred in the interstices of my life -- not the most effective development strategy) but I think I'm relatively happy with the results. I'll know for sure once I see how hard it is to fix the final glitches and how easy it is to add some more advanced (non-markdown) features.

I'll be setting up the web site, etc. soon. In the meantime, Markdown addicts can look at the Markdown wiki or at Levi Pearson's Common Lisp code.


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