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CL-Markdown is alive
Tuesday, May 9, 2006

CL-Markdown arrives at (though this reporter has to admit that it is slightly drunk and slurring its speech). Aside from remaining glitches, CL-Markdown's biggest weakness is probably the number of other systems on which it depends (see the documentation if you don't believe me!). Part of this is due to laziness on my part: I generate HTML by first creating LML code and then using Kevin Rosenberg's very nifty LML2 package. I've been developing CL-Markdown with MCL (yes, it still exists... though probably not for much longer. Sigh.) and OpenMCL under OS X. I'll test things out with other Lisps soon. If you like (or dislike) CL-Markdown, then please enjoy, kvetch, criticize, and send me job offers (smile).


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