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Clark Aldrich on Simulational Education
Tuesday, April 5, 2005

As the co-founder of a simulation company, it's not too surprising that Clark Aldrich thinks simulation is the way to bring education into the modern era. Though I think he overstates the case against "linear media" (i.e., books, movies, speech) and overhypes the benefits of simulation and educational games, the research he cites regarding the success of some simulation for teaching leadership would be interesting to see in detail. I firmly believe in the use of manipulatives in learning -- playing with blocks, knitting, taking real things apart and putting them back together -- I don't see how virtual manipulatives can serve in this role. A simulation of a rattlesnake on the trail isn't a rattlesnake on the trail. A simulation of magnetism isn't magnetism. This doesn't mean that simulation shouldn't be added to our toolbox, it just means that we shouldn't add it uncritically or at the expense of other tools.


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