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Blue at the Mizzen
Sunday, November 28, 2004

If it's starting to seem like unCLog is a book review site instead of Common Lisp site, I apologize! I've been too busy at work to push on any of my own projects or, for that matter, to think coherently!

In this, I envy Aubrey and Maturin their long sea voyages and I envy the Roke wizards in the immanent grove even more. We live in a culture of information glut where reflection is becoming less and less something we do and more and more just some language feature we want -- that's stretching it a bit, but ...

In any case, I recently finished Patrick O'Brian's final chapter in the Aubrey / Maturin saga. (There is a 21st book but it's only the first three chapters and some notes and seems published more to milk the cash cow than further the art... Of course, I haven't read it so I shouldn't prejudge). Blue at the Mizzen is a slightly disjointed but rousing tale of international intrigue, romance and adventure. Best of all, Jack Aubrey finally gets his promotion to Admiral. In the spirit of "always leave them wanting more", the book is a fitting end to Aubrey's adventures and O'brian's joyful chronicaling of them.


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