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Being modern
Thursday, March 16, 2006

I've been working on a very small project for Franz (more on this something next week when I have time to write). Today, I've been buffing my code so that it compiles and runs happily in Modern Common Lisp (i.e., the case sensitive kind). I'm actually against case sensitivity in programming languages and file systems (I want case to be recognized and remembered but not used in lookups or in sorting) but think that Franz's argument that case sensitivity helps interface to other languages is a pretty hard one with which to argue.

In any case, the code conversion has been mostly pain-free. Two of my habits will have to change:

  • I like to use all uppercase strings in my defpackages and
  • I like to use all uppercase symbols in my #+ and #- reader macros

and I've had to muck with some old code (mostly in CL-Mathstats) that used mixed case and erratic case (i.e., some of the variables were named in upper case and then referred to in lower case <ugh>) in some of the variable names. There are a few other things but nothing too serious.


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