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At last - Services that are a service
Monday, January 9, 2006

I think that Apple's integrated Services menu is a great idea. Unfortunately, it's marred by a horrible implementation choice: the user isn't in charge of which services appear. My services menu is about a page long and is full of those little disclosure triangles that can be so annoying to navigate. I have dozens of choices on the menu that I know I'll never use (where did the Convert Chinese Text service come from even!?). Can I remove them? Well, yes. If I want to go and edit dozens of property files hidden in packages all over my hard drive. Frankly, it's never been worth the bother and so it became one those daily annoyances I thought I'd left behind in the windows world.

I'd been intending to write an application that fix this: scan the hard drive for services, let you edit which ones appeared in the menu, modify the property lists and save backups so that you could easily restore things. Lack of both time and Cocoa skills made this one of those ever receding propositions so it was with great joy that I found that Peter Maurer had created Service Scrubber. Peter writes great software for OS X. I use Witch and Textpander every day.

Thanks Peter.


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