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ASDF-Status, meet Tinaa. Tinaa, meet ASDF-Status
Friday, April 14, 2006

I doctored up ASDF-Install-Tester so that it runs Tinaa on every system it tests. If nothing else, it gives my computer something to do and I now have 83-Megabytes of remarkably redundant HTML! Aren't computers wonderful?! (It's only about 24-Megabytes of physical size but it takes up 83-Megabytes of disk... damn wasted partial blocks).

More seriously speaking, I see this as a way to help bullet-proof Tinaa and test out new ideas for presenting overviews of systems. One thing that is immediately clear is that there needs to be a better way to combine multiple Tinaa runs into a single whole -- there's just no good reason to re-document the same sub-system every time it is used. I think that CL-PPCRE is wonderful, but that doesn't mean that I want to see it documented 14-times! One side effect of improving this sort of "global" documentation is that it may make it more clear how to carve nature at the joints and find some of the bits that could be put together into libraries that everyone could agree on (as I said, I remain an idealist!).

(By the way, if you'd rather not have your stuff documented in this fashion, please let me know. Also, several systems don't appear because of some current bugs in ASDF-Install-Tester. I'll update this as things improve).


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