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ASDF-Install tester
Tuesday, December 6, 2005

ASDF-Install-tester automates the process of checking whether or not your ASDF-installable systems actually install under ASDF. To use it:

  • Use ASDF-Install to install ASDF-Install-tester.
  • Modify the file definitions.lisp to specify:
  • which systems should be tested (in the variable *systems-to-test*),
  • which systems should be removed before each test (in the variable *systems-to-remove-each-time*),
  • Your local ASDF install directory (in *local-asdf-install-directory*),
  • A working directory (in *working-directory*).
  • Start a lisp and ASDF load 'asdf-system-connections (see note below)
  • Finally, evaluate (asdf-install-tester::main)

As of today, this only works under OpenMCL but porting to other Lisps should be pretty easy. See the CLiki page for more details and links to get a tarball or access the Darcs repository.


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