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ASDF-Install-tester progress?
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ASDF-Install-tester is now nominally cross-implementation. The trouble is that SBCL still uses it's own brand of ASDF-Install and my code doesn't like it. I tried using the ported version of ASDF-Install but SBCL doesn't like that. Things do seem to work under Allegro (version 7.0) but I need to tweak a bit before things are completely happy. Finally, the whole thing has a tendency to hang for reasons I haven't been able to fathom. I know how to deal with timeouts in OpenMCL but need to learn about how to invoke them in SBCL, Allegro, etc.

Actually trying to deal with all this cross platform stuff gives me a greater sympathy for people that complain about Lisp. Doing things like deleting directories or handling timeouts shouldn't -- it seems to me -- require me to start downloading libraries, etc.


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