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ASDF-Install update
Thursday, May 18, 2006

The version now on has been radically restructured and also has several patches and improvements. The restructuring just pulls various related forms out of installer.lisp and into their own homes. Mostly, this was to help me organize and maintain it. The improvements include:

  • More restarts involving the GPG key verification process so that, for example, you can switch to another process, retrieve a key and then try again.
  • ASDF-Install now prints its version string when it is first loaded (it's at 0.5.2).
  • I've tried to simplify the #+ / #- madness. There is still a ways to go for this to be complete.
  • Note that ASDF-Install now only installs the packages you request and their required dependencies. Earlier versions would install the package associated with every system definition that it downloaded.
  • There is a new keyword argument for the install command. If you specify :propagate t, then install will try to get the latest version of every package required during the installation. If propagate is nil (the default and previous behavior), then ASDF will only download the requested package and any that you do not yet have. It will not download any packages that you have already installed. Note that ASDF-Install still isn't doing any useful version checking, but being able to ask for everything fresh seems like a useful stopgap measure.

Please let me know if anything goes astray.


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