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ASDF Checker report
Thursday, June 8, 2006

Here's the first ASDF Checker Summary report from Enterprise Lisp. The checker process runs daily and checks all of the known ASDF installable systems to see if they seem to work (i.e., that they download, have GPG signatures, that their system files seem to make sense and so on). The data from checker will be grist for tester once I finish refactoring ASDF-Install-tester to create it.

There is much room for improvement in the report (and feedback is welcome!). The last three columns show the system's status, whether we have a valid system file and whether or not we were able to create a system signature. The current system column isn't too useful; I need to spend a bit of time looking at the data and creating informative codes... A valid system is one whose system definition the checker could load -- it currently conveys no more information than whether or not the system has a status of error. Finally, the system signature is a list of the direct files of the systems and their universal times. Here are two examples:

? (dsc:system-signature 'moptilities)
(("moptilities.asd" . 3345750061) 
 ("dev:moptilities.lisp" . 3356703878))
? (dsc:system-signature 'anaphora)
(("anaphora.asd" . 3287421247)
 ("packages.lisp" . 3287421247)
 ("early.lisp" . 3287421247)
 ("symbolic.lisp" . 3287421247)
 ("anaphora.lisp" . 3287421247))

These signatures are part of defsystem-compatibility. Checker needs to take more pains than it yet does to ensure that features and such don't influence signature computation. That's another one of the seemingly endless list of next steps!


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