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Apologies to Tinderbox...
Thursday, December 1, 2005

Yesterday, I complained about Tinderbox's HTML entity encoding (I didn't think it was handling ampersands correctly). Today, Mark Bernstein, the creator of Tinderbox, wrote me and showed me an excellent solution. How about that for great support!

Previously, I used encode( ^text(this)) to spit out the <description> of my feed items. The ^text and ^encode are Tinderbox specific commands that get the text of the current note and encode the markup in it, respectively. My contention was that ^encode wasn't working properly because it didn't convert '&'s into &. Mark suggests using: <![CDATA[ ^text^ ]]> instead to tell RSS readers that the contents are just data and shouldn't be parsed.

Mark also points out that the description was initially intended to be just text, not markup and that this has led to a lot of slips betwixt cup and lip.

So, Thanks Mark, Thanks Tinderbox and boo hiss on all this encoding and double encoding confusion.

(additional apologies ... I had some problem's with this entry correctly encoding the caret symbols that Tinderbox uses in its markup and control language!)


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