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Another day, another few improvements
Saturday, December 24, 2005

ASDF-Install-tester now works with Allegro and, drum roll please, SBCL. The Allegro 'problem' had nothing to do with Allegro and everything to do with the difference between rm -r and rm -rf. SBCL, on the other hand, took some doing. ASDF-Install-Tester didn't like running with the version of ASDF-Install bundled with SBCL and SBCL didn't like the cross platform version of ASDF-Install. A few (very minor) patches fixed the later but then I ran into other troubles with trying to share the same version of ASDF-Install amongst my three Lisps (FASL incompatibilities). ASDF-Binary -Locations fixed some of these issues but there is still room for improvement.

On other fronts, I've improved the generated HTML of the status pages somewhat and corrected the missing error output (thanks to Christophe Rhodes for noticing that one!) but not the encoding problem John Wiseman noticed -- soon).

The next step is, I think, to write better documentation and ask for help! I don't have a Windows box or a Linux one and I'd like to include these in the chart. If anyone wants to volunteer some time, please let me know!


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