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another ASDF-Patch (20 March 2006)
Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm slowly catching up on the ASDF Patches I've been sent. Today, the patch consists of the following:

  • Updating download-files-to-package handle changes in Allegro's reader macro behavior (Thanks to Robert Goldman)
  • Fixed a typo (ckeck -> check) (thanks to Robert Goldman)
  • ASDF-install now saves trusted UIDs in a file (thanks to Robert Goldman)
  • ASDF-install now only loads the packages you ask for instead of every package that gets downloaded.

The last bullet point is a change in ASDF-Install's behavior. It fixes a bug where ASDF-Install tries to load every single system file that happens to be downloaded regardless of whether or not you asked for those systems to be installed.

Here is the diff.


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