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Announcing: metacopy
Thursday, March 23, 2006

Metacopy is a Common Lisp deep/shallow copy tool. It lets you specify how to treat the slots of a given class (shallowly set them or deeply copy them) using the defcopy-methods macro. You can them copies of objects using the copy-thing method. Documentation, Darcs repository, tarballs, CLiki page and ASDF-Installability are where you'd expect them to be. (Thanks to for continuing to be a great place to use.)

Metacopy uses ASDF-System-Connections to attach itself happily to CL-Variates, Cl-Graph and CL-Containers. This means that if you load one of these systems and then load metacopy (or the other way around), then the random-number-generators, graphs and containers will all be copyable without further ado.


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