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announce: improved asdf-binary-locations
Monday, June 5, 2006

Thanks to a patch from Peter Seibel and several good ideas and hints from Robert Goldman, ASDF-Binary-Locations has some changes and improvements. The most significant change is that the variable *system-configuration-paths* has been renamed to source-to-target-mappings* because the latter name is, IMHO, much, much better than the former. There are also two new variables to control behavior and the innards have been rewritten with generic functions so that you can have fine control over where exactly things go at both the system, the operation and the component level.

The three control variables are:

  • *centralize-lisp-binaries* - If true, compiled lisp files without an explicit mapping (see *source-to-target-mappings*) will be placed in subdirectories of *default-toplevel-directory*. If false, then compiled lisp files without an explicitly mapping will be placed in subdirectories of their sources.
  • *default-toplevel-directory* - If *centralize-lisp-binaries* is true, then compiled lisp files without an explicit mapping \(see *source-to-target-mappings*\) will be placed in subdirectories of *default-toplevel-directory*.
  • *source-to-target-mappings* - The *source-to-target-mappings* variable specifies mappings from source to target. If the target is nil, then it means to not map the source to anything. I.e., to leave it as is. This has the effect of turning off ASDF-Binary-Locations for the given source directory.

Note that if you've already set *system-configuration-paths* (e.g., in you lisp startup file), then ASDF-Binary-Locations will warn you about the change and automagically set *source-to-target-mappings* to whatever value you gave *system-configuration-paths*.

Also note that the finer control mentioned about has not been extensively tested (i.e., it really hasn't been tested at all) yet but will be once I finish the test suite. Won't that be sweet!

Please let me know if your milage varies.


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