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Alex Steffen and Bruce Sterling solve the world's problems
Thursday, June 2, 2005

Alex Steffen and Bruce Sterling's 2005 keynote presentations from the South by Southwest Interactive Festival from IT Conversations is fun, informative and frustrating. On the plus side, they talk about many of the real problems facing our species (over-population, fresh water supply, de-forestation, economic imbalances, and so forth). On the down side, their presentation is pollyannaish and views technology as too much of a panacea. I'm a pessimist because technology is not the problem or the solution. Technology takes and it gives. It solves and creates new problems simultaneously often in ways that are not clear until years in the future. In the end, its people that have created the problems collectively and people will need solve them collectively.

Trouble is, I don't see any large scale efforts to educate people so that their behavior is likely to produce good effects in short and long runs. Indeed, doing so goes against much of the free market, consumerism is good, ethos of the (so called) first world. Hmmm, maybe I should have put this on polliblog!


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