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Adding to your LaTeX search path
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This falls in the category of "should-have-been-simple-but-took-me-way-too-long". I was trying to become a bit more organized in my LaTeXing and, well, here's the whole story.

I use TexShop on OS X with the wonderful teTex distribution underneath. I usually use pdftex and dislike having lots of figures in the same folder as my LaTeX documents -- it's messy. I also dislike having to include the path to the figures in the includegraphics commands. The solution seemed obvious: extend the LaTeX search path!

I spent an hour (or two) reading various configuration files and Tex documentation. It seemed like adding something like TEXINPUTS.latex = .;./figures;$TEXMF ... to a configuration file somewhere would do the trick. But it didn't. I also tried modifying the TEXINPUTS shell variable (which eventually turned out to be the trick) but didn't do it correctly. Finally, I re-read this page and realized that a trailing colon was the key to my dilemma. Another trip to the property editor, log out and back in, and Bob is finally my uncle.

Tex is cool and massive; endlessly configurable and, hence, endlessly frustrating. In case, I have improved my setup and I have learned a bit more about how the whole Tex / LaTeX / shebang works. Perhaps it was time well spent?! Perhaps.


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